“Ukrzaliznytsia” justified why she bought a train breaking Hyundai Rotem

Ukrzaliznytsia chose to run high-speed trains of production Hyundai Rotem, as they are a new generation of equipment and can be delivered to Ukraine in the shortest possible time. In an interview with reporters said the head of the External Relations Department of Railways Igor Matviyiv.
“I have to disappoint those who are prone to criticism – train production Hyundai Rotem quality and technology are the new generation. They are built on the latest technologies on the modern equipment. “Ukrainian Express” is completely made of stainless steel and have a number of technological advantages over domestic rail technology. In particular, uniformly over the entire train set traction motors, which accelerate or retard its motion “- Matviyiv said.
Matviyiv noted that earlier Ukrainian railroad rolling stock were not in this class and now brings ever experience of its operation and maintenance.
Matviyiv also said that before the signing of the contract proposal studied by world manufacturers: Alstom, Siemens, Skoda, Stadler Rail AG. However, before Ukrzaliznytsia it was set the task of the government – the new trains have been born to the top of Euro 2012. And for 13 months remaining before the start of the championship, to put to Ukraine 6 trains agreed only company Hyundai Rotem. 2 more train company manufactured Skoda Vagonka.
“The project was implemented in a short time. World history of railways does not know such a precedent that in parallel with the assembly of high-speed trains, preparing the infrastructure to enforce them. The Russians, for example, preparing the infrastructure for trains “Sapsan” for 5 years, and the Ukrainian Railways have time for 6 months. In particular, the new depot built in Kiev and Kharkov – it’s fantastic! Maybe in 10 years will appreciate what has been done, “- said Matvey.
The main issue when considering proposals world producers was a source of funding for the project. Donors in the case of purchase of Hyundai trains made Korean Eximbank, offered acceptable interest rates on loans. The state did not participate in the purchase of these trains, although the law on railway transport passenger rolling stock should be bought for the budget.
“We understand that the ten trains – a drop in the ocean. Now we operated 600 pairs of passenger trains, and 80% of them are outdated. We still 400-450 trains to completely renovate the rolling stock and to provide our passengers comfort and a decent service “, – said Igor Matviyiv.