Sergei quits for the exhibition “Ukrainian body”: “This is not an exhibition, but shit”

Today, February 10, the president of NaUKMA Sergei quits three days after the discovery decided to close the exhibition “Ukrainian body”, dedicated to the research of physicality in Ukrainian society. Entrance to the gallery is closed on the lock
“This is not an exhibition, but shit,” – said quits.
The plan of the exhibition was to last until February 28, reports
It presents works by Ukrainian artists – Anatoly Belov, Yevgeniya Belorusets, Oksana Bryuhovetskoy, Alexander Volodarskogo, Nikita Kadan, Volodymyr Kuznetsov, Lada Nakonechny, Nicholas family and many others. Ukrainian artists and curators presented optics critical review of what is now our flesh.
Now Visual Culture Research Center announced collecting signatures to protest the censorship of art in the walls of Kyiv Mohyla Academy and re-opening.