By social network Facebook walks virus

As the largest social networking world Facebook discovered the virus that spreads through social network antivirus and blocking the work, according to the Trend Micro anti-virus company.
Recently, a new threat to complain more and more users, the company said. This Trojan spreads via the instant messaging service sharing to Facebook, sending on behalf of the user of the infected message with a link of the form
“If the user has his (malicious message) opens, runs a program that disables anti-virus software and links to malicious websites for new teams”, – told in the company.
In addition, in some cases the virus will download an additional program that tracks a user’s browser by sending the information about it hackers and also can publish posts, and send private messages in social networks with Facebook , Myspace, Twitter , and the WordPress Meebo.
The program can also send messages with reference to their own copy on the contact list of the infected user.
Due to the popularity of Facebook is increasing the number of virus programs, linked to the social network, or transmitted through it. Previously, the virus was detected, which is a modification of the banking Trojan Carberp, blocking access to the user’s Facebook page and extorted his money for unlocking.
Recall among the sites through which the computer can be infected by virus software first mestozanyaliveb pages devoted to technology

Yatsenyuk dissatisfied with his sponsors cornered

Power pursues businessmen supporting the United Opposition, said the leader of “Front for Change,” Arseniy Yatsenyuk .
“I know I made a list of the Presidential Administration and the Security Service, which consists of about 500 people is a list of people who already support the United Opposition or are ready to support it are those who are not with.. The Party of Regions “, – he said in at a press conference in Odessa, the press service of the party on Friday.
Yatsenyuk noted that it is as entrepreneur and those who have their own media , or those who have already received the representative mandate, for example, in rural or district council.
The leader of the “Front for Change” has given an example of Odessa, where the police pursue one of the likely candidates mazhoritarschikov-that he did not run in the Odessa district.
“I have to admit that we have some losses and one of the latest losses -. In Kiev . However, the man said that just made the decision to engage in business , however, I understand the real motives and what it involves.”, – Said the leader of “Front for Change “.
“I understand that the fight will be very difficult, but we will overcome it.”, – Stressed Yatsenyuk.

GAI will force drivers to pay fines on the spot

Ukrainian traffic police officers decided to keep up with technological progress and is installed in patrol cars payment terminals, through which offenders can pay traffic fines immediately, including by “bank transfer”.
This was announced by Head of the Department of GAI of Ukraine Valery Lozovoi reports
If the traffic police will be able to technically implement the plan and install the terminals in each car, it will greatly facilitate the life of motorists. After serving penalty payment procedure – a tour of the bureaucratic system of the country, the newspaper writes. First you need to pay a fine in the bank, then with a receipt to go to MREO, where, after standing in line still need to show and prove that the local budget honestly refilled.
The new procedure also payment will not differ from the non-cash payment in the stores – through a wireless Internet terminal communicates with the bank, which removes the card specified amount of the fine.
Recall MPs recently contributed to the parliament a bill which supplemented and amended the system of penalties and accrual sizes. In particular, it proposed to increase the penalty for speeding, for talking on a mobile while driving, obstruction in the movement of public transport , and so on. N.
News on the Ukrainian language: Daіshniki zmusyat vodіїv oplachuvati penalty on mіstsі

In Kharkov mined exhibition “YuvelirPrestizh”

Unknown at about 15:00 reported on the phone about mining Kharkov Palace of Sports , where the All-Ukrainian exhibition “YuvelirPrestizh” jewelry. This was reported by a representative of the administration of the exhibition police .
Now there is the evacuation of visitors and a large part of its participants.
It is expected the arrival of dog handlers and Bomb.
According to an announcement by the speaker, it is expected that a break in the exhibition will be about one hour.
The 7th annual exhibition “YuvelirPrestizh” takes place from 9 to 13 February, and is the first in the spring season Ukrainian jewelry exhibitions.
The exhibition is organized Kharkiv Chamber of Commerce. It is attended by more than 100 companies from various regions of Ukraine , as well as Russia and China.

Cops ordered to pull shovels snow

In Kiev, the employees of traffic police involved in the cleaning of snow drifts from the roadway.
It is reported by the press service of Kyiv city administration.
According to her, due to worsening weather conditions, the personnel of the metropolitan traffic police translated into high alert.
So the traffic police will run until February 13, inclusive.
“For the past day … involved about 500 workers UGAI of Kiev, as well as an additional almost 200 people from the officers to control the traffic and to help the metropolitan utilities to clean snow drifting from the roadway,” – said in a statement.
In some places on the territory of the capital city , where due to snowfall is particularly difficult passage was temporarily restricted the movement of oversized trucks.
Metropolitan Traffic police also appealed to participants of traffic with the request to provide information over the telephone hotline 483-70-64 (multi-channel, works round the clock), “in cases of conflict situations on the road, as well as in all cases when the traffic police can help.”
In addition, work began operating GAI number for SMS messages: (063) 768 20 20.

Ukrainian motorists will be poured into the tank of ethanol

Currently, a bill , according to which any gasoline will need to add 10% ethanol.
On Tuesday, January 31, the said president of the Association “Union operators of the market of oil products in Ukraine” Leonid Kosyanchuk.
According to him, in the case of the adoption of this bill, every month the market will have to purchase about 35 thousand. Tons of ethanol.
“According to the developers of the bill , it must raise the level of production in the domestic alcohol companies. But we must remember that by adding ethanol to gasoline, fuel in a few days will be much poorer quality “, – said Kosyanchuk.
As you know, on January 5, Ukraine has postponed until July a full transition to oil product quality standards that meet the requirements of “Euro-4” and “Euro-5”.
News on the Ukrainian language: Ukrainian avtomobіlіstam zalivatimut in tank etanol

Odessa GAI: “work has become like hell”

Workers UGAI Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Odessa region have written an open letter to the new Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko the profile, informing him of corruption in traffic police of Odessa region.
“During our many years of service of such mayhem was not even ever. With the arrival of the chief UGAI, Jakimowicz Alexander, who picked up a “control” in all services, work has become like hell “, – wrote the authors of the open letter, published on the human rights website OSA.
According to the cops with the arrival of the new authorities began to charge for all the money. It is reported that the head of the Interior Ministry Yatskov MV, came up with a new earnings by producing badges similar to breast inspector sign GAI (small size only), and began to sell them. Amounts of up to 2000 USD
The authors reported that the owner of the icon on the road can do anything: to violate any rules of the road, up to driving while intoxicated, and even ride a stolen car with false number of the unit. When you stop this car traffic police, the driver shows the icon, which is a parliamentary or diplomatic immunity. This driver’s traffic police have to just let go, in spite of all of the administrative offense. Otherwise, the inspector GAI threatens violence
“One of these icons was sold hitman global Dykaevu Aslan. For something to redeem this “icon at the General Prosecutor’s Office investigators Jakimovich AV had to pay 100,000 USD, “- said in the letter.
“Are regularly held sales positions. Under some pretext being reorganized. On top of all workers derive from the staff, and then begins trading under the new staffing. Amounts disclosed considerable, from $ 1000 and go up to 100,000 USD, depending on the purchased office “- traffic cops say.
“According to reliable information the whole mess Jakimowicz AV cover former chief of Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Odessa region major general of militia Yatskov MV, head of OHS in the Odessa region SM Miller, Deputy Minister of MVS of Ukraine Head of the Department of civil order police, Major General VI Ratushniak, a former Minister of the Interior General Affairs Mogilev AV who regularly receive huge bribes, “- said the authors of the letter.
The authors conclude that the current situation in the traffic police in Odessa region pushes employees to extortion, acts of corruption, which leads to a negative attitude to the police as a whole.

Prime Minister satisfied with salaries

Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said European wages in Ukraine at 5-7 thousand. UAH., Which exceeds the salary in Greece and Poland.
This he told reporters after the opening of a new kindergarten in one of the districts of Kiev , the press service of the CMU.
In particular, the Prime Minister stressed that this morning visited one modern plant near Kiev, is undergoing modernization, which allows workers to pay high salaries.
“It was good to note that when I came to work and asked what salary:. 5 to 7 thousand UAH”, – said Azarov , noting that the average wage in Ukraine is UAH 2.8.
“What is the 7 th.? This is a European salary. In Greece, for example, is lower in Poland like this “, – said Azarov.
According to Azarov, the higher wages only through modernization of production can be achieved in Ukraine.

Appeared in the sale of hard drives up to 4 TB of

The Japanese retail appeared Hitachi hard drives with a capacity of 4 TB, executed in the form factor of 3.5 inches.
The drives are reported to belong to the family DeskStar 5K. They are equipped with a buffer volume of 32 MB; to connect to the computer interface is Serial ATA 3.0.
The disks implemented proprietary technology CoolSpin, which, according to statements made by Hitachi, provides an optimum balance between performance, power consumption and noise level. This is achieved due to the adjustment of the spindle speed (up to 5900 rev / min).
The drive is designed for use in desktop computers . It costs about $ 345; when the novelty will appear outside of Japan , is not specified.

Yanukovych’s wife listened to the saxophone and piano

Today in Mariupol as a guest of honor of the Ukrainian festival-contest of young “Muzichny leaf” performers came first lady of Ukraine Lyudmila Yanukovich .
About half an hour ago, she arrived in Mariupol School of Art, where a special excursion, designed for 40 minutes has been organized for her.
She is currently accompanied by the national deputy of Ukraine Alexei White and mayor of Mariupol Yuriy Hotlubeya acquainted with the activities of the school of arts departments.
As part of the tour leader of each circle she told the first lady about her work, and some offices have pleased Lyudmila Yanukovych mini-concerts. Especially for her children played on the saxophone, piano and even the accordion.
It is worth noting that the First Lady visited the art school for the first time, despite the fact that in Mariupol is not the first time. It is noteworthy that during the meeting she was dressed in a severe black suit, who stressed that her visit has a business nature.
At the end of the tour Lyudmila Yanukovych will visit the gala concert of the festival, which will take place in Mariupol Drama Theatre.