Zorian Shkiryak wrote a letter to Yushchenko

Chairman of Public Association “New Kiev” Zorian Shkiryak asked the Prosecutor General to institute criminal proceedings against the former President Viktor Yushchenko, according to his testimony in the Pechersk court in the gas case against former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko .
This is stated in the press service of the organization.
In his address to the Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka on August 18 Shkiryak said that Yushchenko gave at the hearing false testimony.
“I believe that the testimony of the witness V. Yushchenko submitted in the court session on the case of 17.08.11 are false, and therefore, such actions fall under the signs of a crime under Part 2 of Art. 384 of the Criminal Code … Please bring a criminal case on the fact of providing false testimony, “- said in it.
According Shkiryak, Yushchenko’s testimony that he had no authority and not to withdraw the Ukrainian delegation to the negotiations with Russia on the supply of gas to Ukraine, held in Moscow in late 2008, are false and are refuted by the testimony of other witnesses.
“If today on false charges in the dock (is) Tymoshenko , there has to sit and Yushchenko, legally,” – said Shkiryak.
According to him, the ex-President is actually a secret ally of the Party of Regions and President Viktor Yanukovych , because, according to Shkiryak, stay Yushchenko’s party “Our Ukraine ” in opposition is invalid until it is headed.
As reported Ukranews, before Yushchenko’s deception during interrogation he accused the Russian authorities, and the “dictatorship of the resistance committee” demanded from “Our Ukraine” to oust former President of the party.
Former President Leonid Kravchuk said in turn that Yushchenko must sit in the dock.

Azarov will be at the meeting of Council of Heads of CIS member states in Minsk

Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov will take part in the meeting of Council of Heads of Government in Minsk CIS. This was reported on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus.
In addition, at 12:30 at the airport “Minsk” is expected to arrive Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin .
Recall at the meeting of CIS Council of Heads of Government, EurAsEC Council and the supreme body of the Customs Union, which will be held today in Minsk is planned to sign a new version of the creation of an FTA between the countries of the Commonwealth of the contract. This document will replace the currently existing agreement concluded in 1994 Development of the new document is conducted from the middle of last year, and its final text was approved on April 15, in Yalta at the meeting of the CIS Economic Council.

Sergei quits for the exhibition “Ukrainian body”: “This is not an exhibition, but shit”

Today, February 10, the president of NaUKMA Sergei quits three days after the discovery decided to close the exhibition “Ukrainian body”, dedicated to the research of physicality in Ukrainian society. Entrance to the gallery is closed on the lock
“This is not an exhibition, but shit,” – said quits.
The plan of the exhibition was to last until February 28, reports prostory.net.ua.
It presents works by Ukrainian artists – Anatoly Belov, Yevgeniya Belorusets, Oksana Bryuhovetskoy, Alexander Volodarskogo, Nikita Kadan, Volodymyr Kuznetsov, Lada Nakonechny, Nicholas family and many others. Ukrainian artists and curators presented optics critical review of what is now our flesh.
Now Visual Culture Research Center announced collecting signatures to protest the censorship of art in the walls of Kyiv Mohyla Academy and re-opening.

Nikita Mikhalkov, has once again become a grandfather

Nikita Mikhalkov’s daughter 24-year-old Hope is expecting a baby. Father of the first-born actress was the young director Rezo Gigineishvili with which “the Divisional Commander Kotov’s daughter” in the past year was married secretly.

The actress in the fifth month, so she tries not to appear in the light, not to advertise their pregnancy .

Doubts in the interesting position of the actress leaves the fact that the play “Duck Hunt” in “other theater” with her participation was removed from the repertoire. I hope to play in the formulation of one of the main roles. 6th March 7th performance was without its participation. “Now she will not be until October to put it. When Nadia gives birth, then again, we introduce the “Hunt” – told “Komsomolskaya Pravda” in the theater.

They said that Mikhalkov Sr. is not particularly pleased selection youngest daughter. And last but not least due to the fact that Rezo had left his wife, a graduate of “American Idol” Anastasia Kochetkova with a small child in her arms. Moreover, according to the baby’s mother, his little daughter Masha Gigineishvili not visits. But feelings of Nadi and the young director was not able to cool even the disapproval of his father. And finally Khrushchev resigned and waved.

How to write Days. Roux, Mikhalkov became a graduate of the Faculty of International Journalism at MGIMO. She has been working as an actress. On account of its role in the film “Burnt by the Sun” by Nikita Mikhalkov’s “The Barber of Siberia” and the film Tigran Keosayan ” The President and his granddaughter,” where she played two twin sisters. In addition, she successfully works as a producer and fashion designer.

Rezo Gigineishvili – novice director. In 2006, he released his film “Heat”, where one of the main roles played by his ex-wife Anastasia Kochetkova.

After the divorce, the actress and singer for a long time could not recover. “It happened in my life that I somehow always wanted to look older. I wanted to become an adult. Grow, before anyone else get married, have a baby before anyone else, “- shared Kochetkova.

Parting with her husband severely affected Nastya: “After the divorce, I had a very difficult time, when I went into myself. I do not want to do anything. The only thing that I went through the city and photographed. So I opened a new talent. Once I calmed down it. I just really believe in relationships that did not work out. The only way to recover from this is to devour itself completely, which I did. ”

Anastasia says that she did not have any feelings for her ex-husband, and it is completely open to new relationships . “I will soon need to find Dad. And Dad must be good. I think I need someone who will take care of me. I have yet such was not “, – admitted Kochetkova.

Prasolov described how the trade turnover between Ukraine and Russia continues to grow

By reducing the rate of growth in the global economy trade turnover with Russia totaled $ 45.5 billion, said the Minister of Economic Development and Trade Igor Prasolov in the first meeting of the Ukrainian-Russian commission on investment cooperation and protection of investors’ rights.
“Ended meeting of the commission on investment cooperation and protection of the rights of investors which, in particular, discussed issues relating to the elimination of barriers to Ukrainian investors to invest in Russia and the Russian economy in Ukraine . Most importantly, the mood was positive, we really want to solve these problems and we hope that their decision will be one of the factors, which in the future will affect the expansion of trade and economic relations with our main today the turnover of the Russian Federation partner “, – Mr. said Prasolov.
He also said that the slowdown in the world economy could not but affect the trade and economic relations between the two countries. “Due to the fact that global growth is slowing, it also affects the relationship with the individual partner countries, and in particular with the Russian Federation. Yet 2012 was a rather successful trade totaled $ 45.5 billion

Burned car activist “Traffic Control” (VIDEO)

Activist Donetsk ” Traffic Control ” burned car. This was reported by a blogger pauluskp.
“It happened last night at 00:20 on the streets of Polotsk, near the” Auchan “, Proletarian district of Donetsk . Completely burned the car of one of the first activists of the “Road control” in Donetsk Oleg Bogdanov Dacia Logan 2008. He took countless movies about cops violations more written complaints publicans in uniform. In Donetsk Oleg contribution to the development of DCs is difficult to overestimate, “- said the blogger.
According to him, the “Road control” say the suspect employees of GAI . “Neighbors saw that before the fire at the car spinning suspicious guys”

“Ukrzaliznytsia” justified why she bought a train breaking Hyundai Rotem

Ukrzaliznytsia chose to run high-speed trains of production Hyundai Rotem, as they are a new generation of equipment and can be delivered to Ukraine in the shortest possible time. In an interview with reporters said the head of the External Relations Department of Railways Igor Matviyiv.
“I have to disappoint those who are prone to criticism – train production Hyundai Rotem quality and technology are the new generation. They are built on the latest technologies on the modern equipment. “Ukrainian Express” is completely made of stainless steel and have a number of technological advantages over domestic rail technology. In particular, uniformly over the entire train set traction motors, which accelerate or retard its motion “- Matviyiv said.
Matviyiv noted that earlier Ukrainian railroad rolling stock were not in this class and now brings ever experience of its operation and maintenance.
Matviyiv also said that before the signing of the contract proposal studied by world manufacturers: Alstom, Siemens, Skoda, Stadler Rail AG. However, before Ukrzaliznytsia it was set the task of the government – the new trains have been born to the top of Euro 2012. And for 13 months remaining before the start of the championship, to put to Ukraine 6 trains agreed only company Hyundai Rotem. 2 more train company manufactured Skoda Vagonka.
“The project was implemented in a short time. World history of railways does not know such a precedent that in parallel with the assembly of high-speed trains, preparing the infrastructure to enforce them. The Russians, for example, preparing the infrastructure for trains “Sapsan” for 5 years, and the Ukrainian Railways have time for 6 months. In particular, the new depot built in Kiev and Kharkov – it’s fantastic! Maybe in 10 years will appreciate what has been done, “- said Matvey.
The main issue when considering proposals world producers was a source of funding for the project. Donors in the case of purchase of Hyundai trains made Korean Eximbank, offered acceptable interest rates on loans. The state did not participate in the purchase of these trains, although the law on railway transport passenger rolling stock should be bought for the budget.
“We understand that the ten trains – a drop in the ocean. Now we operated 600 pairs of passenger trains, and 80% of them are outdated. We still 400-450 trains to completely renovate the rolling stock and to provide our passengers comfort and a decent service “, – said Igor Matviyiv.

In Makeyevka killed first foreign fans who came for Euro 2012

In Makeyevka, Donetsk region, was killed by a Spanish national, who came to support their team.
This was reported in the press service of the Interior Ministry , reports Gazeta.ua.
About Spanish tourists missing in the police administration said the hotel where he lived.
Two days later the police detained three suspects.
According to the Interior Ministry, the police on duty on May 16 it was reported Makeyevka hotel employees who said that living in them Spanish citizen more than a day did not appear in the room.
As a result of the search on the same day 46-year-old Spaniard with signs of violent body was found death .
The task force established last victim of Communications and detained three suspects.
Detainees were seized evidence indicating their involvement in the crime. A criminal case under article “deliberate murder

UK is taking measures to reduce the budget deficit

The deficit of the budget the UK fell to 6.5 billion pounds sterling in October ($ 10.4 billion) compared to 7.7 billion pounds in the same month of 2010 due to the reduction in public sector spending, according to the country’s national statistical control.
It is this reduction expected by analysts polled by Bloomberg.
Budget revenues increased in October by 4.1%, while budget expenditures increased by only 1.1%.
Currently, the UK budget deficit is around 9% of GDP , but by 2015, Prime Minister David Cameron and Finance Minister George Osborne plan to make a budget deficit-free Britain, despite the protests of some economists, companies and ordinary citizens who believe that this goal It looks awkward and requires the country’s economy is too great sacrifices.
“Things in the public sector UK situation very badly, – said the chief economist at Deutsche Bank UK George Buckley. – The ratio of public debt to GDP exceeds the performance of most countries with a credit rating of “AAA”, and the deficit was at the level of 10% of GDP last year. ”
Independent experts estimate the rate of growth of the British economy in the current year at the level of 1%. For comparison, the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) in March forecast a GDP growth in 2011 at 1.7%.
Analysts believe that the final deficit budget in the current fiscal year, which ends in March, will be about 6 billion pounds more than the projected 128 billion pounds.
Adjusted OBR forecast will be released on 29 November.
For seven months of the fiscal year, the budget deficit the UK amounted to 68.3 billion pounds against 78.7 billion pounds in the same period last fingoda.
Budget revenues increased by 5.1% over the period, expenses – by 2.4%. According to the OBR forecast, revenues will grow by 7.2% for the year, expenditure – by 3.6%.