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Appeared in the sale of hard drives up to 4 TB of

The Japanese retail appeared Hitachi hard drives with a capacity of 4 TB, executed in the form factor of 3.5 inches. The drives are reported to belong to the family DeskStar 5K. They are equipped with a buffer volume of 32 MB; to connect to the computer interface is Serial […]

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Yanukovych’s wife listened to the saxophone and piano

Today in Mariupol as a guest of honor of the Ukrainian festival-contest of young “Muzichny leaf” performers came first lady of Ukraine Lyudmila Yanukovich . About half an hour ago, she arrived in Mariupol School of Art, where a special excursion, designed for 40 minutes has been organized for her. […]

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Best Leads for Insurance Agents

The digital era has now caught up with every aspect of the business industry. There is no single sector that does not need the advances taking place in the technology sector. There are very many software that have been developed all of which are aiming at ensuring a smoother functioning […]

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