Ukraine has introduced recycling for Russian cars

Legal and physical persons who import for free circulation of vehicles and car bodies are originating in the Russian Federation are required to further their own procurement and waste management, or enter into an agreement with the relevant companies, taking into account government-approved limit price .
According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers № 843 dated 3 September, promulgated on Wednesday, for passenger cars with engine capacity up to 1000 cubic meters. see this price is 4.74 thousand. USD, from 1000 to 2000 cubic meters. cm – 7.37 thousand UAH, from 2000 to 3000 cubic meters.. cm – 14.08 ths..
For passenger cars from 3000 to 3500 cubic meters. see the price increase to 19.085 thousand. UAH, more than 3,500 cubic meters. cm – 30.25 ths..
In case of import of natural persons in Ukraine passenger car for their own use rate is 550 USD regardless of the volume of the engine cylinder.
In the case since the release of cars more than three years, the rate will increase to 6.2-6.4 times, and for vehicles from 3000 to 3500 cubic meters. cm – 8.2 times.
Only in the case of import of vehicles older than three years for their own use, this rate is increased by 1.5 times – up to 825 UAH.
For new vehicles for the transport of 10 persons, transportation of goods, as well as special purpose vehicles and bodies for vehicles with a gross weight of 2.5 tonnes, this price will be 19 thousand UAH, from 2.5 to 3.5 tonnes. – 30.4 thousand UAH, from 5 to 8 tons -. 41.8 thous..
For these vehicles the total weight of 8 to 12 tons limit price of 50.92 thousand UAH, from 12 to 20 tons -. 55.86 thousand UAH, more than 20 tons -. 110.2 thousand. UAH.
For buses, trucks, special vehicles and bodies are older than three years, these rates are increasing: for vehicles with full weight up to 2.5 tons – 76%, from 2.5 to 3.5 tons – by 56.3%, from 3, 5 to 5 tons – 60%.
At the same time for the same vehicle with full weight from 5 to 8 tons of rate increases by more than four times – up to 173.28 thousand UAH, from 8 to 12 tons -. Almost 5.2 times to 262.58 ths. from 12 to 20 tons – 6.8 times, to UAH 382.28 thousand, and more than 20 tons -. four times to 448.4 thousand. UAH.
As reported, on September 1, 2012 in the Russian Federation came into force a law on recycling for certain types of wheeled vehicles, according to which for every vehicle imported into the Russian Federation or produced in the Russian Federation, paid recycling in order to ensure environmental safety. Payers of the fee are persons who carry out the import of cars in Russia, as well as those who produce vehicles on the most territory of Russia .
According to calculations the agency “Interfax-Ukraine”, the difference between rates of utilization fee from established Russian Federation at the current rate of USD / RUB. National Bank of Ukraine on cars does not exceed 9%, on new lorries and busses (with the exception of the category up to 2.5 tonnes), this difference is up to 30%, second-hand – no more than 6.5%.
transport industry of Ukraine The experts noted that the Russian decision to impose a utilization fee for the competition is tightening considerably supplied to the Russian market Ukrainian car, bus – creates a threatening situation, whereas for heavy vehicles (KrAZ) substantially closes the Russian market.
Cars on the Russian market supply of the corporation “UkrAvto” and “Bogdan” trucks – “AvtoKrAZ” bus – LAZ, Cherkasky bus Corporation “Bogdan”, “Standard”.

NBU collects emergency meeting

The situation on the currency market and the races of the dollar will be the subject of consideration at tomorrow’s meeting of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine .
This “Commander in Chief,” said a member of the Board of National Bank of Ukraine , MP from the Party of Regions Vasyl Horbal.
“What is the reason today’s leap of the dollar? On this issue, I think we will get a response from the NBU Board tomorrow. Coincidentally, it will be held tomorrow, the National Bank Council. Government Manual is also concerned about the current situation. For now, the economic justification for non-compliance with the exchange rate predicted no “- Horbal said.
“The main thing is that it does not become a trend. Because the business will lay the devaluation risks. This slows down the growth of the economy , the more we saw the impact of exchange rate jumps in the economy “,

Party of Regions MP spoke of his skill to press the buttons in the Rada

People’s deputy from the Party of Regions Oleksandr Stoyan admitted that the votes to 5 members, but it can and 8 push buttons. He stated this at a press conference in Donetsk, Donbas News reported.
“I openly say – I mastered the 5 buttons, and can press on 8, if it is necessary,” – said the Regions.
“Remember the last time we voted for the law on languages ​​- rostrum protected by powerful, Presidio is protected powerfully our many deputies there, it’s already going to vacation. We were put in a room on the button, I frankly say – I mastered the 5 buttons, and can press on 8, if necessary, mnogostanochnik became – forced to vote, vote, “- said Stoyan.
Later, in the comments, “Donbas News” People’s Deputy said: “The fact that we sometimes do not happen our deputies in the hall. And voting laws – the project raised a hand Chechetov, reflex – nothing like this! Served Act, it is discussed in the committees, shall provide an opinion expert committee then collected fractions council and the council faction decision for a law to vote. And then we, deputies reported – this law, we support this – do not support. And even when there is no individual members, colleagues asked me to vote for them. No one makes, perhaps I misspoke. “

Experts commenting on the devaluation of the hryvnia

The dollar has become popular again – because of the increased demand in the interbank market, its price peaked in early 2010. Now, the National Bank will be difficult to maintain the hryvnia, the newspaper “Kommersant-Ukraine” in the article “Dollar back in 2010-th.”
Yesterday, at the interbank foreign exchange market the dollar peaked in the last 2.5 years, the newspaper notes. Market participants explained that the increase was caused by yesterday’s repayment of domestic treasury bonds in the amount of 2.16 billion USD. The last time such a large volume of redemption took place May 16 – 2.3 billion USD. The next major redemption – 2.2 billion USD – is scheduled for September 12.
In the course also influenced by the fact that the expectations of foreign exchange inflows in connection with the matches of Euro 2012 is not justified. None of this question does not comment on credit institutions. But in informal conversations treasurers of all surveyed banks stated that, despite the arrival of foreign fans, a significant inflow of foreign currency in exchange offices are not marked.
The pressure on the course and have the rumors of the impending devaluation of the hryvnia due to the parliamentary elections . All these factors are spurring demand for the currency among the population. “In May, I had a similar jump in the dollar, when the resident withdrawal. This has led to increase in demand at retail. But the demand can not be infinite, at some point, the hryvnia will end, and the course may flatten, “- said the treasurer one of the banks. Especially since the growth rate is disadvantageous to the elections . “Elections – is a painful subject. And the National Bank will gradually lower the rate, “- says President of the Ukrainian Analytical Center Oleksandr Okhrimenko.
At the same time, the National Bank is still able to neutralize the dollar jumps. “Balance of payments until the norm, until August impairments should not be. But in August and September may appear more fundamental reasons for the growth of the dollar “, – says head of analysis of financial markets ING Bank Ukraine Alexander Pecheritsyn.
In addition, the course will depend on Ukraine’s debt repayment. “A serious threat to the stability of hryvnia is not – it will not appear until autumn, when the seasonal decline in the price of steel and the Ukraine are coming significant amounts of external payments”, – predicts Head of Economic Research Erste Bank Marian Zablocki.
According to experts, in the future everything will depend on the ability of the central bank to keep the rate of manual methods. And experts doubt that you have sufficient resources to do so. “We control few resources to keep the course. There are $ 30 billion in international reserves, but if they fall below $ 22 billion, it will be a critical point and the risk to the economy , – says Alexander Ohrimenko.- Spend can be $ 8 billion, but they must be taken into account in the calculations for natural gas. “

By social network Facebook walks virus

As the largest social networking world Facebook discovered the virus that spreads through social network antivirus and blocking the work, according to the Trend Micro anti-virus company.
Recently, a new threat to complain more and more users, the company said. This Trojan spreads via the instant messaging service sharing to Facebook, sending on behalf of the user of the infected message with a link of the form
“If the user has his (malicious message) opens, runs a program that disables anti-virus software and links to malicious websites for new teams”, – told in the company.
In addition, in some cases the virus will download an additional program that tracks a user’s browser by sending the information about it hackers and also can publish posts, and send private messages in social networks with Facebook , Myspace, Twitter , and the WordPress Meebo.
The program can also send messages with reference to their own copy on the contact list of the infected user.
Due to the popularity of Facebook is increasing the number of virus programs, linked to the social network, or transmitted through it. Previously, the virus was detected, which is a modification of the banking Trojan Carberp, blocking access to the user’s Facebook page and extorted his money for unlocking.
Recall among the sites through which the computer can be infected by virus software first mestozanyaliveb pages devoted to technology

In Kharkov mined exhibition “YuvelirPrestizh”

Unknown at about 15:00 reported on the phone about mining Kharkov Palace of Sports , where the All-Ukrainian exhibition “YuvelirPrestizh” jewelry. This was reported by a representative of the administration of the exhibition police .
Now there is the evacuation of visitors and a large part of its participants.
It is expected the arrival of dog handlers and Bomb.
According to an announcement by the speaker, it is expected that a break in the exhibition will be about one hour.
The 7th annual exhibition “YuvelirPrestizh” takes place from 9 to 13 February, and is the first in the spring season Ukrainian jewelry exhibitions.
The exhibition is organized Kharkiv Chamber of Commerce. It is attended by more than 100 companies from various regions of Ukraine , as well as Russia and China.

Ukrainian motorists will be poured into the tank of ethanol

Currently, a bill , according to which any gasoline will need to add 10% ethanol.
On Tuesday, January 31, the said president of the Association “Union operators of the market of oil products in Ukraine” Leonid Kosyanchuk.
According to him, in the case of the adoption of this bill, every month the market will have to purchase about 35 thousand. Tons of ethanol.
“According to the developers of the bill , it must raise the level of production in the domestic alcohol companies. But we must remember that by adding ethanol to gasoline, fuel in a few days will be much poorer quality “, – said Kosyanchuk.
As you know, on January 5, Ukraine has postponed until July a full transition to oil product quality standards that meet the requirements of “Euro-4” and “Euro-5”.
News on the Ukrainian language: Ukrainian avtomobіlіstam zalivatimut in tank etanol

Prime Minister satisfied with salaries

Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said European wages in Ukraine at 5-7 thousand. UAH., Which exceeds the salary in Greece and Poland.
This he told reporters after the opening of a new kindergarten in one of the districts of Kiev , the press service of the CMU.
In particular, the Prime Minister stressed that this morning visited one modern plant near Kiev, is undergoing modernization, which allows workers to pay high salaries.
“It was good to note that when I came to work and asked what salary:. 5 to 7 thousand UAH”, – said Azarov , noting that the average wage in Ukraine is UAH 2.8.
“What is the 7 th.? This is a European salary. In Greece, for example, is lower in Poland like this “, – said Azarov.
According to Azarov, the higher wages only through modernization of production can be achieved in Ukraine.

Appeared in the sale of hard drives up to 4 TB of

The Japanese retail appeared Hitachi hard drives with a capacity of 4 TB, executed in the form factor of 3.5 inches.
The drives are reported to belong to the family DeskStar 5K. They are equipped with a buffer volume of 32 MB; to connect to the computer interface is Serial ATA 3.0.
The disks implemented proprietary technology CoolSpin, which, according to statements made by Hitachi, provides an optimum balance between performance, power consumption and noise level. This is achieved due to the adjustment of the spindle speed (up to 5900 rev / min).
The drive is designed for use in desktop computers . It costs about $ 345; when the novelty will appear outside of Japan , is not specified.

Yanukovych’s wife listened to the saxophone and piano

Today in Mariupol as a guest of honor of the Ukrainian festival-contest of young “Muzichny leaf” performers came first lady of Ukraine Lyudmila Yanukovich .
About half an hour ago, she arrived in Mariupol School of Art, where a special excursion, designed for 40 minutes has been organized for her.
She is currently accompanied by the national deputy of Ukraine Alexei White and mayor of Mariupol Yuriy Hotlubeya acquainted with the activities of the school of arts departments.
As part of the tour leader of each circle she told the first lady about her work, and some offices have pleased Lyudmila Yanukovych mini-concerts. Especially for her children played on the saxophone, piano and even the accordion.
It is worth noting that the First Lady visited the art school for the first time, despite the fact that in Mariupol is not the first time. It is noteworthy that during the meeting she was dressed in a severe black suit, who stressed that her visit has a business nature.
At the end of the tour Lyudmila Yanukovych will visit the gala concert of the festival, which will take place in Mariupol Drama Theatre.