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By social network Facebook walks virus

48 years ago

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As the largest social networking world Facebook discovered the virus that spreads through social network antivirus and blocking the work, according to the Trend Micro anti-virus company. Recently, a new threat to complain more and more users, the company said. This Trojan spreads via the instant messaging service sharing to Facebook, sending on behalf of…

Yatsenyuk dissatisfied with his sponsors cornered

48 years ago

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Power pursues businessmen supporting the United Opposition, said the leader of “Front for Change,” Arseniy Yatsenyuk . “I know I made a list of the Presidential Administration and the Security Service, which consists of about 500 people is a list of people who already support the United Opposition or are ready to support it are…

GAI will force drivers to pay fines on the spot

48 years ago

225 words

Ukrainian traffic police officers decided to keep up with technological progress and is installed in patrol cars payment terminals, through which offenders can pay traffic fines immediately, including by “bank transfer”. This was announced by Head of the Department of GAI of Ukraine Valery Lozovoi reports If the traffic police will be able to…

In Kharkov mined exhibition “YuvelirPrestizh”

48 years ago

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Unknown at about 15:00 reported on the phone about mining Kharkov Palace of Sports , where the All-Ukrainian exhibition “YuvelirPrestizh” jewelry. This was reported by a representative of the administration of the exhibition police . Now there is the evacuation of visitors and a large part of its participants. It is expected the arrival of…

Cops ordered to pull shovels snow

48 years ago

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In Kiev, the employees of traffic police involved in the cleaning of snow drifts from the roadway. It is reported by the press service of Kyiv city administration. According to her, due to worsening weather conditions, the personnel of the metropolitan traffic police translated into high alert. So the traffic police will run until February…

Ukrainian motorists will be poured into the tank of ethanol

48 years ago

140 words

Currently, a bill , according to which any gasoline will need to add 10% ethanol. On Tuesday, January 31, the said president of the Association “Union operators of the market of oil products in Ukraine” Leonid Kosyanchuk. According to him, in the case of the adoption of this bill, every month the market will have…

Yanukovych’s wife listened to the saxophone and piano

48 years ago

189 words

Today in Mariupol as a guest of honor of the Ukrainian festival-contest of young “Muzichny leaf” performers came first lady of Ukraine Lyudmila Yanukovich . About half an hour ago, she arrived in Mariupol School of Art, where a special excursion, designed for 40 minutes has been organized for her. She is currently accompanied by…