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Ukraine has introduced recycling for Russian cars

47 years ago

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Legal and physical persons who import for free circulation of vehicles and car bodies are originating in the Russian Federation are required to further their own procurement and waste management, or enter into an agreement with the relevant companies, taking into account government-approved limit price . According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers…

The doctor called the reason for the Charr fight with Klitschko was stopped

47 years ago

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Dr. Stefan Holthuzen, who was at ringside during the fight between WBC heavyweight champion Ukrainian Vitali Klitschko and Manuel Charr, said about his decision to stop the fight. “Charr was cut, which began to spread, – said Holthuzen in the RTL television. – This has led to a reduction in blood flow to the age,…

Ministry of Interior has prepared a surprise for Ukrainians

47 years ago

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For the purchase of equipment from the state budget will spend almost 28 million hryvnia. Interior Ministry bought buses for transportation of detainees and water cannons totaling 27 mln. UAH, according to the Ministry of Economy . Thus, the Ministry of Internal Affairs in an open bidding has concluded a number of contracts for the…

Party of Regions MP spoke of his skill to press the buttons in the Rada

47 years ago

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People’s deputy from the Party of Regions Oleksandr Stoyan admitted that the votes to 5 members, but it can and 8 push buttons. He stated this at a press conference in Donetsk, Donbas News reported. “I openly say – I mastered the 5 buttons, and can press on 8, if it is necessary,” – said…

Azarov has accused Tymoshenko and Yushchenko in the oppression of the Russian language

47 years ago

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Adoption of the new language law is a response to oppression of Russian previous government of Ukraine , zayavilpremer Minister Mykola Azarov said in an interview with Vladimir Posner Posner in his program in the Russian First Channel. “First of all, the adoption of this law – a reaction to the fact that the power…

Experts commenting on the devaluation of the hryvnia

47 years ago

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The dollar has become popular again – because of the increased demand in the interbank market, its price peaked in early 2010. Now, the National Bank will be difficult to maintain the hryvnia, the newspaper “Kommersant-Ukraine” in the article “Dollar back in 2010-th.” Yesterday, at the interbank foreign exchange market the dollar peaked in the…

Vitali Klitschko ends his boxing career on September 1

47 years ago

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Vitali Klitschko on September 1 in Kiev will hold a match against German Manuel Charr, said Klitschko, the Scarecrow, who prefers to spend his fights in Germany, will box in Ukraine for the second time in his professional career. Earlier Klitschko (44 wins, 2 losses) spent his match in Ukraine in 1998, then in…