The doctor called the reason for the Charr fight with Klitschko was stopped

Dr. Stefan Holthuzen, who was at ringside during the fight between WBC heavyweight champion Ukrainian Vitali Klitschko and Manuel Charr, said about his decision to stop the fight.
“Charr was cut, which began to spread, – said Holthuzen in the RTL television. – This has led to a reduction in blood flow to the age, and getting even one or two strong blows on this site Charr would be exposed to danger. I also suggested that the charr was damaged Vienna. This was the reason to stop the fight. Blood flooded very eyes. ”
Recall that the fight Klitschko-Charr was stopped in the middle of the fourth round.
Add that Manuel Charr after the defeat disagreed with the decision of the doctor to stop the fight and turned to the Ukrainian with a request for a rematch.
Vitaly, in turn, was a bit disappointed that the fight was stopped in the fourth round.

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