NBU collects emergency meeting

The situation on the currency market and the races of the dollar will be the subject of consideration at tomorrow’s meeting of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine .
This “Commander in Chief,” said a member of the Board of National Bank of Ukraine , MP from the Party of Regions Vasyl Horbal.
“What is the reason today’s leap of the dollar? On this issue, I think we will get a response from the NBU Board tomorrow. Coincidentally, it will be held tomorrow, the National Bank Council. Government Manual is also concerned about the current situation. For now, the economic justification for non-compliance with the exchange rate predicted no “- Horbal said.
“The main thing is that it does not become a trend. Because the business will lay the devaluation risks. This slows down the growth of the economy , the more we saw the impact of exchange rate jumps in the economy “,

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