Ministry of Interior has prepared a surprise for Ukrainians

For the purchase of equipment from the state budget will spend almost 28 million hryvnia.
Interior Ministry bought buses for transportation of detainees and water cannons totaling 27 mln. UAH, according to the Ministry of Economy .
Thus, the Ministry of Internal Affairs in an open bidding has concluded a number of contracts for the supply of motor special equipment worth a total of 27 million. 766 thousand. 830 UAH transmit comments.
According to the agreement with Prilutsky LLC “Pozhspetsmash Factory”, the Interior Ministry will receive 6 water cannons on the basis of KAMAZ truck for 14 million. 700 thousand. UAH. Car-water jet should be structurally composed of four main parts: the base car with a modified cab compartment of the pumping unit and water tanks, the rear compartment. Terms of reference prescribed by the presence of the wheels protection systems, fuel tank, lighting elements, bars on the windows and the installation of audio and video recording systems, autonomous power supply. Water jet is to shoot a jet of water at a distance of 10 meters in a plane angle of 350 degrees, it does not admit to himself offenders closer than 2.5 meters.
LLC “Tekhkomplekt” from Kiev for 11 million. 977 thousand. 680 UAH. will supply 20 cars for the transportation of detainees and prisoners on the basis of PAZ 4234 Spetsavtobus must enable the carriage of at least 21 people taken into custody with full isolation and transport of their personal belongings, as well as the convoy of 6 people (including the driver) and run their duties.
A LLC “Kharkiv automobile trading company” put MIA 5 vehicles for the transport of detainees and prisoners based on GAZ-3302 for 1 million. 89 thousand. 150 UAH. This “Gazelle” is to provide the possibility of carrying 7 persons taken into custody with the content of 4 people in a common cell, and 3 persons in solitary confinement, providing them with complete isolation and a convoy consisting of 5 persons.
All purchases are funded from the state budget. machinery Deliveries will be carried out in the period from August to November 2012.

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