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Party of Regions MP spoke of his skill to press the buttons in the Rada

47 years ago

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People’s deputy from the Party of Regions Oleksandr Stoyan admitted that the votes to 5 members, but it can and 8 push buttons. He stated this at a press conference in Donetsk, Donbas News reported.
“I openly say – I mastered the 5 buttons, and can press on 8, if it is necessary,” – said the Regions.
“Remember the last time we voted for the law on languages ​​- rostrum protected by powerful, Presidio is protected powerfully our many deputies there, it’s already going to vacation. We were put in a room on the button, I frankly say – I mastered the 5 buttons, and can press on 8, if necessary, mnogostanochnik became – forced to vote, vote, “- said Stoyan.
Later, in the comments, “Donbas News” People’s Deputy said: “The fact that we sometimes do not happen our deputies in the hall. And voting laws – the project raised a hand Chechetov, reflex – nothing like this! Served Act, it is discussed in the committees, shall provide an opinion expert committee then collected fractions council and the council faction decision for a law to vote. And then we, deputies reported – this law, we support this – do not support. And even when there is no individual members, colleagues asked me to vote for them. No one makes, perhaps I misspoke. “

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