By social network Facebook walks virus

As the largest social networking world Facebook discovered the virus that spreads through social network antivirus and blocking the work, according to the Trend Micro anti-virus company.
Recently, a new threat to complain more and more users, the company said. This Trojan spreads via the instant messaging service sharing to Facebook, sending on behalf of the user of the infected message with a link of the form
“If the user has his (malicious message) opens, runs a program that disables anti-virus software and links to malicious websites for new teams”, – told in the company.
In addition, in some cases the virus will download an additional program that tracks a user’s browser by sending the information about it hackers and also can publish posts, and send private messages in social networks with Facebook , Myspace, Twitter , and the WordPress Meebo.
The program can also send messages with reference to their own copy on the contact list of the infected user.
Due to the popularity of Facebook is increasing the number of virus programs, linked to the social network, or transmitted through it. Previously, the virus was detected, which is a modification of the banking Trojan Carberp, blocking access to the user’s Facebook page and extorted his money for unlocking.
Recall among the sites through which the computer can be infected by virus software first mestozanyaliveb pages devoted to technology

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