Yatsenyuk dissatisfied with his sponsors cornered

Power pursues businessmen supporting the United Opposition, said the leader of “Front for Change,” Arseniy Yatsenyuk .
“I know I made a list of the Presidential Administration and the Security Service, which consists of about 500 people is a list of people who already support the United Opposition or are ready to support it are those who are not with.. The Party of Regions “, – he said in at a press conference in Odessa, the press service of the party on Friday.
Yatsenyuk noted that it is as entrepreneur and those who have their own media , or those who have already received the representative mandate, for example, in rural or district council.
The leader of the “Front for Change” has given an example of Odessa, where the police pursue one of the likely candidates mazhoritarschikov-that he did not run in the Odessa district.
“I have to admit that we have some losses and one of the latest losses -. In Kiev . However, the man said that just made the decision to engage in business , however, I understand the real motives and what it involves.”, – Said the leader of “Front for Change “.
“I understand that the fight will be very difficult, but we will overcome it.”, – Stressed Yatsenyuk.

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