GAI will force drivers to pay fines on the spot

Ukrainian traffic police officers decided to keep up with technological progress and is installed in patrol cars payment terminals, through which offenders can pay traffic fines immediately, including by “bank transfer”.
This was announced by Head of the Department of GAI of Ukraine Valery Lozovoi reports
If the traffic police will be able to technically implement the plan and install the terminals in each car, it will greatly facilitate the life of motorists. After serving penalty payment procedure – a tour of the bureaucratic system of the country, the newspaper writes. First you need to pay a fine in the bank, then with a receipt to go to MREO, where, after standing in line still need to show and prove that the local budget honestly refilled.
The new procedure also payment will not differ from the non-cash payment in the stores – through a wireless Internet terminal communicates with the bank, which removes the card specified amount of the fine.
Recall MPs recently contributed to the parliament a bill which supplemented and amended the system of penalties and accrual sizes. In particular, it proposed to increase the penalty for speeding, for talking on a mobile while driving, obstruction in the movement of public transport , and so on. N.
News on the Ukrainian language: Daіshniki zmusyat vodіїv oplachuvati penalty on mіstsі

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