In Kharkov mined exhibition “YuvelirPrestizh”

Unknown at about 15:00 reported on the phone about mining Kharkov Palace of Sports , where the All-Ukrainian exhibition “YuvelirPrestizh” jewelry. This was reported by a representative of the administration of the exhibition police .
Now there is the evacuation of visitors and a large part of its participants.
It is expected the arrival of dog handlers and Bomb.
According to an announcement by the speaker, it is expected that a break in the exhibition will be about one hour.
The 7th annual exhibition “YuvelirPrestizh” takes place from 9 to 13 February, and is the first in the spring season Ukrainian jewelry exhibitions.
The exhibition is organized Kharkiv Chamber of Commerce. It is attended by more than 100 companies from various regions of Ukraine , as well as Russia and China.

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