Ukrainian motorists will be poured into the tank of ethanol

Currently, a bill , according to which any gasoline will need to add 10% ethanol.
On Tuesday, January 31, the said president of the Association “Union operators of the market of oil products in Ukraine” Leonid Kosyanchuk.
According to him, in the case of the adoption of this bill, every month the market will have to purchase about 35 thousand. Tons of ethanol.
“According to the developers of the bill , it must raise the level of production in the domestic alcohol companies. But we must remember that by adding ethanol to gasoline, fuel in a few days will be much poorer quality “, – said Kosyanchuk.
As you know, on January 5, Ukraine has postponed until July a full transition to oil product quality standards that meet the requirements of “Euro-4” and “Euro-5”.
News on the Ukrainian language: Ukrainian avtomobіlіstam zalivatimut in tank etanol

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