Odessa GAI: “work has become like hell”

Workers UGAI Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Odessa region have written an open letter to the new Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko the profile, informing him of corruption in traffic police of Odessa region.
“During our many years of service of such mayhem was not even ever. With the arrival of the chief UGAI, Jakimowicz Alexander, who picked up a “control” in all services, work has become like hell “, – wrote the authors of the open letter, published on the human rights website OSA.
According to the cops with the arrival of the new authorities began to charge for all the money. It is reported that the head of the Interior Ministry Yatskov MV, came up with a new earnings by producing badges similar to breast inspector sign GAI (small size only), and began to sell them. Amounts of up to 2000 USD
The authors reported that the owner of the icon on the road can do anything: to violate any rules of the road, up to driving while intoxicated, and even ride a stolen car with false number of the unit. When you stop this car traffic police, the driver shows the icon, which is a parliamentary or diplomatic immunity. This driver’s traffic police have to just let go, in spite of all of the administrative offense. Otherwise, the inspector GAI threatens violence
“One of these icons was sold hitman global Dykaevu Aslan. For something to redeem this “icon at the General Prosecutor’s Office investigators Jakimovich AV had to pay 100,000 USD, “- said in the letter.
“Are regularly held sales positions. Under some pretext being reorganized. On top of all workers derive from the staff, and then begins trading under the new staffing. Amounts disclosed considerable, from $ 1000 and go up to 100,000 USD, depending on the purchased office “- traffic cops say.
“According to reliable information the whole mess Jakimowicz AV cover former chief of Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Odessa region major general of militia Yatskov MV, head of OHS in the Odessa region SM Miller, Deputy Minister of MVS of Ukraine Head of the Department of civil order police, Major General VI Ratushniak, a former Minister of the Interior General Affairs Mogilev AV who regularly receive huge bribes, “- said the authors of the letter.
The authors conclude that the current situation in the traffic police in Odessa region pushes employees to extortion, acts of corruption, which leads to a negative attitude to the police as a whole.

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